Thursday, March 20, 2008

Habemus Papam !!!

My wife and I have got two of the hottest tickets around!!! Well, at least in the Catholic world. As I am sure you are aware, B16 will be making his first (and probably only) trip to the US in less than a month. He will celebrate Mass publicly twice; once in DC and once in New York.

Tickets were distributed to each diocese. Ours received 400. The decision was made to distribute them via lottery. 4,000 people applied.

Well, the drawing was last week, and wouldn't you know it, they pulled my name! So, On April 17, 2008 (my birthday, by the way) Katie and I will join 46,000 other people in celebrating the Sacred Liturgy with the successor to St. Peter!

I don't think it has really set in quite yet. I am really excited about being able to take part in a worship experience that will connect my faith to that of the Universal Church in such a tangible way. Granted, St. Peter's Basilica is a bit more sacred a space when compared to the National's new stadium, but I will take what I can get!!!

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Andie said...

Congratulations!! How exciting!

I will also be there: My little sister was chosen by lottery to be in the children's choir for the mass, and she asked me to come with her on her chaperon ticket. I'm giddy, myself.