Friday, June 29, 2012


Well, I am heading off to the Saint Francis Springs Prayer Center for five days of solitude in the woods of North Carolina. All candidates for ordination are required to make such a retreat before they are ordained (Canon 1039). I have never been on a silent retreat before, so I am really excited to see what God has to say, if I am only willing to let him get a word in edgewise! I promise to keep you all in my prayer this week and ask you to do the same.

A friend described this center as "Frank Lloyd Wright meets the Adirondacks" From their website and Facebook page, it looks like I will have a wonderful experience. In the "It's a Small World" category, the spiritual director on site next week is from the motherhouse of the Sisters of Christian Charity, located in Mendham, New Jersey - my hometown! Since I am a firm believer that God often uses the pseudonym "Coincidence," who knows what He has in store for me!

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